Colorless wp-admin?

Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just need to follow through. With all the talk about revisiting wp-admin color schemes, I wondered… could I remove all the colors from all the stylesheets? What would that look like? I already had a tool parsing out stylesheets to count colors, so I went […]

New Admin Color Schemes

Happy WordPress 5.4 day! While working on the about page for 5.4, I realized I really liked those colors, and the page would probably look pretty cool with a matching admin color scheme. So I got to work updating Admin Color Schemes (all the way from WP 4.4 😱), updated the build process, and got […]

Last post of 2019

I was going to do the “posts I’ve drafted over the last decade” thing that Aaron & Jeremy did, but then it sat in my drafts for a week 😅 Instead I’m going to revisit the post I wrote at the end of last year. In it, I mentioned getting engaged, and this year, we got married ❤️

The words we use in #a11y

A few days ago, I started this thread on twitter… reading this report on disability & AI, and I’d highly recommend at least the first few pages to anyone working in tech– raises some great questions, then goes into definitions around disability and technology that might challenge how you think… Here’s the report I’m talking […]

If we tell people that they don’t need to be expert developers to review themes, and that this is a good way to learn better coding practices, why don’t we do the same with design? Good design is just as subjective as code standards (in that the basics aren’t, but people like to argue about it anyway). […]