New Admin Color Schemes

Happy WordPress 5.4 day!

While working on the about page for 5.4, I realized I really liked those colors, and the page would probably look pretty cool with a matching admin color scheme. So I got to work updating Admin Color Schemes (all the way from WP 4.4 😱), updated the build process, and got to work on creating the color scheme.

Most color schemes only set 2-3 custom colors, and the rest are inherited or calculated from there. This works well for simple schemes, but you can also set other colors for finer control. Since I wanted to stick to the bright blues from the about page, I needed that finer control. I had to customize the “bubble” color (when you have comments or updates), since the default put white on a very light blue. I also don’t think the light blue & white have enough contrast in submenus, so I added an underline on hover.

Once I finished the 5.4-inspired theme, I couldn’t make an update with only one theme — so I also made one inspired by 5.3’s release art, Kirk. You can see screenshots of both here:

While working on Adderley, I had tried using the light blue as a base, before realizing it wasn’t exactly the feel I wanted — but it had promise as a light color scheme. After some tweaking and customization, High Contrast Blue was born ✨

High Contrast Blue

This color scheme should pass WCAG 2.1 level AAA for color contrast, (though it doesn’t apply to the editor, so it won’t make your whole admin AAA). Light color schemes need more customization, but I like how this one turned out.

Get these three new color schemes by updating or installing Admin Color Schemes!

Also, happy trans day of visibility! Transgender Pride Flag

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