Last post of 2019

I was going to do the “posts I’ve drafted over the last decade” thing that Aaron & Jeremy did, but then it sat in my drafts for a week 😅

Instead I’m going to revisit the post I wrote at the end of last year. In it, I mentioned getting engaged, and this year, we got married ❤️

Mel & I walk hand-in-hand after the outdoor ceremony, smiling at family and friends.

I wanted to give more conference talks, which didn’t pan out as much as I’d hoped (you know, having a wedding will kind of put those things on hold). I did speak at the JS for WP conference, and gave a rough draft of that “accessibility + the social model of disability” talk to my division at our grand meetup. I’ve already submitted it to another conference, so I’m 🤞🏻 hoping to give it again in April.

“Speaking more” is still a goal for 2020, though, and I’ve been more active in finding places to submit to. My topic ideas so far:

  • An intro to accessibility that centers disabled people & experiences, framing a11y as a way of thinking rather than a list to get to “100% accessible”
  • Un(meta)boxing, a talk on updating old post metaboxes to use Gutenberg
  • Eventually would be cool to do something about Gutenberg themes, so I’m keeping my eye on that 😁

In the middle of this year, I switched teams & divisions into the dotorg division, onto the team responsible for (and some other odds and ends, as it goes). It’s been a bit rough, and I’m not sure that my confidence in my career track is as strong as it was last year. This year, I’m finally going to take advantage of our coaching program to help with that.

As for the last things in that post, I did make the cheese babka (and repeated it), but I still have not sewn the tunic! Well… I started a halloween version about a week before halloween, as a practice run… and it’s still only partially done. Maybe this year?

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