Post From Site 3.0

This release is a major rewrite of the plugin code. A number of features have been added, some of these include widget support, hooks for theming, the ability to have unregistered users post (using recaptcha [recommended, but not required]). More documentation at the end of this post.

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Why should you use this plugin?

  • User reviews on a niche market site.
  • A suggestion box – in combination with a voting plugin, you can find out what your community thinks is important
  • Any user-submitted content – you can create a very basic ‘forum’ with this.

Known issues:

  • Specifying category to post to is not working
  • Conflict with Verve Meta Boxes (only when debug is on)
  • No focus notification/cursor on inputs (webkit only)

User Documentation

There are 3 ways to include this plugin into your site.

To include the form in a page (like the example screenshot in the plugin directory), use this method. Learn more about shortcodes?
This will insert the post form right in the page where you put the code. The settings you can change are:

  • popup whether this is a popup, defaults to false.
  • link if it is a popup, this is what the link should say.
  • cat restrict posts to a single category, currently not working.
To include the form in a sidebar, footer, or anywhere else you can put widgets, use the Post From Site widget. How do I use widgets?
PHP code
Post From Site is now a class, which means the function we were using before is outdated. This code should go in your theme files. Start here to learn about customizing/creating a theme.

    $pfs = new PostFromSite(0, 'write a post', true, '');

Here, the form defaults to being a popup (as opposed to the shortcode and widget, where they default to not being a popup). The parameters are the same as in the shortcode- but the first is the ID of the form you’re using, which will always be zero if you’re using 3.x (it’s a future feature). Next is the link text, then whether it’s a popup, and finally if you’re restricting the category.

Developer Documentation

One major improvement to this version is the addition of hooks. Unless otherwise specified, these are all filters.

run over default link text for ‘click to post’ link, only appears if PFS is a popup and there is no default text defined.
All these are passed empty strings, and should be used if you have extra information you want to include. Currently they also pass the $idtext which is used to differentiate between multiple forms on a page.
This filter is run over the warning shown when user login is required.
Run over the label for each taxonomy
run on the full taxonomy select list before it’s returned to be displayed.
Run over the URL to the CSS styling the form, hook into this to change the stylesheet used.

function my_theme_pfs_style( $url ){
	return "your stylesheet URL";
} add_filter( 'pfs_theme_css', 'my_theme_pfs_style' );

If you have any issues or questions, please post to the forum.

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  1. DaveR Avatar

    I desperately want to have the Visibility of the posts default to Private. Is there any way to hack that in? My couple (weak) attempts were fruitless… That might make a nice admin option sometime, but I’m looking for it to be stuck that way.