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A new plugin! This one I’ve been working on (& using) for a while. I co-run a WordPress meetup through a local group, and we wanted to have our own blog for announcements, recaps, commenting, etc. I also wanted it to have some relation back to the events on So we have Meetup Widgets.

This plugin creates two widgets: one a list of events from a specific meetup group (by ID or URL name); the other shows details about single event (by ID) with a link to RSVP – using OAuth if keys are specified, otherwise just a link to the event on Does require at least an API key (which it asks for on the settings page).

See it in action at Valley Summit Meetups. Download it in the WordPress directory.

If you want to see any other information from pulled into widgets, let me know & I’ll see what I can do!

(Also, coming …eventually… a way of syncing buddypress users with meetup accounts.)

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  1. Rob Avatar


    Thanks for the great widget. There are too few meetup widgets on WP. Couple questions.

    Question: I have it set for single event, but I have an ongoing meetup, so will I have to plug in the new event id each time, or will it automatically pull it up from the meetup group?

    Question: I tried to use the list event widget, but it wasn’t pulling the events up. It just had the title with nothing underneath. I tried putting in both the meetup URL and group id, but it wasn’t getting the message. Maybe my theme is not compatible with the widget? I already checked the API key in settings, all set.

    1. kelly Avatar

      I don’t quite understand what you mean, but if they are separate events on, you will need to enter the event ID each time.

      The list view only displays the title & date, you can see what it should look like in the second screenshot here.

  2. Jason Avatar

    I’ve tried everything. I can’t find what you mean by Group ID or where to find it. Please help.

  3. Annette Fisher Avatar
    Annette Fisher

    I want to use buddypress and currently have a meetup group that I do not want to end. I would like to have control of the profile data, as well as maintain meetup with info posting to my site as well. On my site I would like to break the community down into geographic areas hence the reason I have added buddypress to my site. Where do I get the API code for the meetup widget to pull in info from my meetup group. Also on meetup it shows under new photos that have been posted. I would like to have them show on my site in a widget. I would also like a to be able to pull in past meetups. Is there a way to take the profile info from my meetup site and somewhat automatically pull it into a buddypress membership?
    Thank you so much