Unveiling Post-From-Site!

“Post-From-Site: Add a new post directly from your website – no need to go to the admin side.”

Version 1.9.0

Released 9.22.09


This new wordpress plugin allows you to post straight from your front-end (i.e. website) – perfect for a quick update! Also useful if you have multiple users and don’t need them to see the admin side of things (this is the reason the plugin was initially developed).

Just put the function in your template file wherever you want to quickpost link to show up, and there it will be! Once clicked on, a box will pop up and you can type your post there. You need to give it a title and content (or else it won’t post), you can also choose to add it to categories, or (if allowed in the settings) attach an image. After hitting post you may need to refresh to see the new post, but your post will be there.

The code snippet you need is (this is also written on the settings page):

<?php if (function_exists('post_from_site')) {post_from_site();} ?>

On the settings page, you can customize the link text, background color, title/text color, and even add your own CSS to tailor pfs to your site.

In v1.6.20+, you can also generate custom links for posting to a specific category. These can be generated at the bottom of the settings page.

As for permissions, you can limit the categories pfs can post t0 and allow/disallow uploading of images. If you’d rather have pfs’s posts approved before they are visible, you can set the post status to ‘pending’ or ‘draft’. Same with the comment status, it can default to ‘open’ (allowing comments) or ‘closed’ (not allowing comments).

Adding images – custom placement

1.9.0 introduced a new tag, [!–image–], which you can type into your post content to control the placement of your image. Just add


wherever you want the image to appear. You can even use the tag multiple times, if you want the image to show up in multiple places.


6.03.09: First version released!
6.22.09: 1.6.20 released – added/improved image support, added auto-detection of plugin file to avoid the error reported on v1.6.3, added category-specific links, cleaned up the code.

9.22.09: 1.9.0 released – continued improving image support, added ability to tag posts, create new categories and tags.

If you have any comments or questions, or requested features, let me know!

Current proposed features are (stared * features should be avalible in the next release):

  • AJAX form submission *
  • Multiple image support *
  • Integration with the WP gallery
  • A login box, so you truly never have to see the wordpress admin pages
  • Make a widget for even simpler integration.

If you’re commenting for help with an error, I can’t help unless you give me either a detailed description or a link to the not-working site. I do want to help, but I can’t if I don’t know what went wrong!

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