Post From Site, a new plugin!

Over the last few days I’ve been avoiding my last final writing a new plugin. You may have noticed significantly more ‘falling code’ than usual. This one is currently very customized to a specific client site, but as soon as I get it installed and running for them I’m planning on making it much more customizable.

I had originally planned to use a lot more ajax fanciness in getting it to work, but since I’m not familiar with most of what’s involved there, I moved all the functionality over to the server side in PHP. Time was an issue, but isn’t so much anymore, so I might poke at that again. My current plans on getting this together are:

  • Making a settings tab in the admin side to let the user customize:
    • The look of the popup: background, header image
    • Permissions: Ability to upload images
  • Adding AJAX shininess, with the help of jQuery?

I’ll probably update this further as I finish installing it on the client’s site.

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