pfs update

Image support is nearly done. I’m glad WP is so well documented, it makes things like this much easier. I’d love to get the uploader working all AJAX-y, but I’m less confident in my ability there. So perhaps I’ll learn, and get back to it.

Support for making ‘Post to X category’ links is now coded and will be tested soon.

Theoretically none of the changes in wp2.8 should break pfs, but I’ll install it and test this weekend. I’m also considering installing BuddyPress and forking pfs for it after a suggestion in the comments.

This last week’s been somewhat hectic – I was moving into my new apartment. I finally got all my furniture (though the bookcase has yet to be assembled), and I can get back to normal life. On a somewhat unrelated note, Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Not really worth it. Sure, my webcam & wireless card are supported natively, but now all video players and cheese crash when trying to display video (this could be an easy fix, I haven’t had time to research it). It does handle multiple displays (which is better than 8.04), but I can’t tell if the slow-down is an effect of that, or if it’s actually the OS. This monitor is higher resolution than the one I used to use with 8.04, but I’m getting delays just typing this, and all I’m running is geany, pidgin, and firefox. Actually, if all I’m getting out of this is support for my webcam (I already had wireless support, just not natively), it’s very much not worth it (especially with cheese crashing!). Sorry Ubuntu, I was thrilled when I saw the Wind as a supported machine, but I expected better.

Not to mention that I forgot to sync up my bookmarks before doing the install, and so lost my recently-reorganized collection which had included a few grad school programs and jobs. And I don’t need every new window automatically maximized, especially not settings windows and pop-up alerts.

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