Recipe Block

Recipe block used on a site with the Twenty Nineteen theme Over the holidays, I put together a "Recipe Block" plugin for Gutenberg. You can download a ready-to-use zip of the plugin on the github releases page; or you can download & build the developer version by cloning it from github. There are developer installation [...]

First (& last) post of 2018

This is kind of the obligatory post so that I don't leave 2018 without blogging 😬 Not including Christmas travel, I took 10 trips this year – including my first big vacation trip, to Ireland (where I got engaged 💍🎉). The rest were conferences & team meetups, all in North America. I didn't give a [...]

Foxhound, a JS-powered, accessibility-ready theme now available

Earlier this week, Foxhound was approved and pushed live to I've written about it before (sort of), but this is now officially the first REST-API-powered theme on 🎉 When it comes to the REST-API, there's a lot of focus on how it's used by top agencies for custom apps, but that's very niche. I [...]