Funny observations from the themes on

I wanted to run some more interesting queries against the themes on, soĀ earlier this evening IĀ pulled down the theme data into a local database. Eventually I want to “feature” someĀ nice but maybe not super popular themes, so I’ve run a few queriesĀ to find out how things are rated, what the number of downloads is, etc. So, here are some interesting results.

Bouquet, by Automattic, is the “best” theme — it has the highest rating/downloads combo.

Catch Everest, by catchthemes, isĀ probably a better “best”, with the highest rating/number of ratings/download combo. Sequel, by ZGani, is theĀ “best” child theme.

Interestingly, removing number of downloads doesn’t affect which themes are in the top ~5, just the order. Since number of ratings should correspond to downloads, this isn’t too surprising.

The averageĀ theme is rated 8 times, with a score of 60 (3 stars), and downloadedĀ 47,957 times. If I remove the themes with no ratings, the average ratingĀ jumps toĀ 88.Ā So… is everyone too nice, or are themes just that great?

Automattic has the highest number of themes, at 54, followed by tskk (32) andĀ (27). If I removeĀ child themes, Automattic is still in the lead (though only 48 now), followed byĀ (still 27), andĀ ThemeZee (23).

The scatterplot above was just thrown together quickly, I wanted to see if the number of tags on a theme affected the number of downloads or rating. The chart has rating on the x axis and downloads on the y, with number of tags controlling the hue (red, fewer tags, blue/purple, more).Ā It doesn’t seem to though, since most of the dots ended up green everywhere-Ā which is about average.

Anyway, that was my exciting night (need to do something while Mel hogs the TV for Dragon Age šŸ™‚ ) – look for someĀ future posts on lesser-known awesome themes!

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  1. Mel Choyce Avatar

    …need to do something while Mel hogs the TV for Dragon Age

    Sorry šŸ˜‰

  2. Angus McKinnon Avatar

    Stats are good. Wouldn’t have expected Bouquet to be the “best”.

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