Funny observations from the themes on

I wanted to run some more interesting queries against the themes on, so¬†earlier this evening I¬†pulled down the theme data into a local database. Eventually I want to “feature” some¬†nice but maybe not super popular themes, so I’ve run a few queries¬†to find out how things are rated, what the number of downloads is, etc. So, here are some interesting results.

Bouquet, by Automattic, is the “best” theme — it has the highest rating/downloads combo.

Catch Everest, by catchthemes, is¬†probably a better “best”, with the highest rating/number of ratings/download combo. Sequel, by ZGani, is the¬†“best” child theme.

Interestingly, removing number of downloads doesn’t affect which themes are in the top ~5, just the order. Since number of ratings should correspond to downloads, this isn’t too surprising.

The average¬†theme is rated 8 times, with a score of 60 (3 stars), and downloaded¬†47,957 times. If I remove the themes with no ratings, the average rating¬†jumps to¬†88.¬†So… is everyone too nice, or are themes just that great?

Automattic has the highest number of themes, at 54, followed by tskk (32) and (27). If I remove child themes, Automattic is still in the lead (though only 48 now), followed by (still 27), and ThemeZee (23).

The scatterplot above was just thrown together quickly, I wanted to see if the number of tags on a theme affected the number of downloads or rating. The chart has rating on the x axis and downloads on the y, with number of tags controlling the hue (red, fewer tags, blue/purple, more).¬†It doesn’t seem to though, since most of the dots ended up green everywhere-¬†which is about average.

Anyway, that was my exciting night (need to do something while Mel hogs the TV for Dragon Age ūüôā ) – look for some¬†future posts on lesser-known awesome themes!

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