Some awesome tools

In the past 12hrs I’ve added 3 bookmarklets to my browser. I don’t even usually use them, but these seemed too useful to not at least try out. So now I’m sharing.

WhatFont Tool, by Chengyin Liu
Inspect font on any site by hovering over the text, click on text to see the font stack. As someone who struggles with font stacks, this is an excellent way to see how other developers handle it.
MIN, by Nathan Ford of Art=Work
Strip a site of all color, borders, and background images. I haven’t used this enough to see if it’s actually useful to me -probably more useful to designers- but it is interesting.

The two above tools came from Sara Cannon’s Typography on the Web presentation at WordCamp Reno.

Finally, Press This
…Which is actually what I’m using to write this. I’m hoping it will get me to post more often, and it’s working already. (It starts a post using the URL & title of whatever page you’re currently looking at, and copies in whatever text is selected).

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