What an exciting day!

I started my¬†first day at Automattic! I’m on my support rotation¬†now, but once I finish up I’ll be a Code Wrangler on VaultPress. Umbra, a theme I developed¬†that I’m really excited about, launched on WordPress.org. Another theme I¬†worked on,¬†Museum, was launched on¬†WordPress.com! (You can also get it on WordPress.org) Flatfish, made by Michael Arestad, was¬†launched […]

Funny observations from the themes on wordpress.org

I wanted to run some more interesting queries against the themes on wordpress.org, so¬†earlier this evening I¬†pulled down the theme data into a local database. Eventually I want to “feature” some¬†nice but maybe not super popular themes, so I’ve run a few queries¬†to find out how things are rated, what the number of downloads is, […]