Ending Post From Site, Announcing PFS2

This will come as a surprise to no one, but I’m officially ending support for Post From Site. If anyone wants to take over, let me know & we can discuss it.

I really want to make something simple & easy to use, and Post From Site as it is now just isn’t that. It doesn’t help that it was the first plugin I ever wrote, with zero experience in writing software for others to use.

So I’m starting development on Post From Site 2. It will have the same core functionality, plus WYSIWYG support (which I’ve been asked about ever since I first released it), with anonymous posting as a lower priority (that will be brought back before it’s submitted to the plugins directory). You can follow development at the github repo, but it’s currently just an outline, really- I’ll update when I have something worth installing, and of course again when it’s in the WordPress.org directory.

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  1. Anthony Ferguson Avatar

    Sorry to hear you are ending support for this product. I only found 3 things that did not work as expected:
    1. The Title line left margin is wrong for the form, it needs to be about 12 char to the right.
    2. The first two lines of the Content needs to also move right about 12 char.
    3. After clicking the “Post” button it works but gives no there is no indication of success.
    I don’t know how to code but I will do what I can with it because with these fixed it is the only plugin I have found in the past two days, meeting my needs.

    Good Luck with your new product.

  2. Peter Avatar

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m disappointed that I learn you are dropping this plugin on the same day I learned about it. It does seem like the ideal way to integrate WP and forum.

    How is version 2 coming along?

  3. chanhope Avatar

    it wont work with login with social login plugin.

  4. Sandeep Avatar

    HI Kelly,
    It sounds good that you are planning to take a step ahead with this plugin. I have one small impediment in the current plugin and I’d like to mention it now so that the next one turns out to be better. I wanted to ask how can I make the “attach Image” a required field ?
    I want people to attach an image before they post it live, so how do I do that. In case you have a solution right now let me know or I’ll be waiting for the next version. Good luck