Post From Site, a new plugin!

Over the last few days I’ve been avoiding my last final writing a new plugin. You may have noticed significantly more ‘falling code’ than usual. This one is currently very customized to a specific client site, but as soon as I get it installed and running for them I’m planning on making it much more customizable.

I had originally planned to use a lot more ajax fanciness in getting it to work, but since I’m not familiar with most of what’s involved there, I moved all the functionality over to the server side in PHP. Time was an issue, but isn’t so much anymore, so I might poke at that again. My current plans on getting this together are:

  • Making a settings tab in the admin side to let the user customize:
    • The look of the popup: background, header image
    • Permissions: Ability to upload images
  • Adding AJAX shininess, with the help of jQuery?

I’ll probably update this further as I finish installing it on the client’s site.

Category Intersection Plugin

Description: Enables intersection of categories: [your url]/?cat=1,2&and=1 will show posts only in both categories 1 and 2. [your url]/?cat=1,2&and=0 is the default functionality (shows posts from categories 1 or 2).
Author: Kelly Dwan
Version: 0.2
Wordpress 2.6 – 2.8

My first foray into the world of wordpress plugins, born of need for exactly that functionality. None of the functions we looked into seemed to work properly (there were conditions on the categories, it didn’t work with this version of wordpress…) so it seemed easier to write it myself.

To install, simply add the intersection.php file to your wp-content/plugins directory (remove the .txt extension), and activate the plugin. If, for some reason, you’re still using ver 0.1, and add the line:
<?php if ( function_exists('intersection') ) intersection();?>
in the header template (header.php).

I definitely welcome any comments or feedback, and if there are any questions I’ll try to answer as best I can.
EDIT 02/01/09: Clear up installation instructions.

EDIT 02/02/09: Edited meta in file header with a link to this exact post.

EDIT 06/13/09: New version with hooks, so you don’t even need to add code.