Unveiling Post-From-Site!

“Post-From-Site: Add a new post directly from your website – no need to go to the admin side.” Version 1.9.0 Released 9.22.09 Download! This new wordpress plugin allows you to post straight from your front-end (i.e. website) – perfect for a quick update! Also useful if you have multiple users and don’t need them to […]

Category Intersection Plugin

Description: Enables intersection of categories: [your url]/?cat=1,2&and=1 will show posts only in both categories 1 and 2. [your url]/?cat=1,2&and=0 is the default functionality (shows posts from categories 1 or 2). Author: Kelly Dwan Version: 0.2 WordPress 2.6 – 2.8 My first foray into the world of wordpress plugins, born of need for exactly that functionality. […]